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Welcome to SNITS Pvt.Ltd

We at SNITS Pvt.Ltd are a team of IT experts, who came with a promise of delivering technology-empowered business solutions.

We are global force in Digital Transformation and Web Solutions, offering end-to-end IT Solutions, Software Development, Digital Marketing, CRM Solutions to modern businesses and enterprises, Website Development, Bulk SMS Solution, Domain & Hosting Service, Product Development Services in Social, Mobile and Web Development, An innovative, technology driven and customer focused.

We provide cutting edge products like Billing & Inventory Management Software, POS Software, Tracking System, Restaurant POS System, Invoice System. Etc.

We enable our clients to deliver a sophisticated and secured experience. We enable enterprises to unlock their potential and take the digital leap. Our methodology of inventing infinite possibilities with technology helps us develop best in-class and cost effective end to end solutions for our clients.


To create smart solutions by quality service, that will help organization IT Infrastructure to create intelligent workplaces and zero down time for their business.


SNITS Pvt.Ltd understands that business grow issue cannot be solve through technology alone. It starts with client and experts team working together to get to the heart of your individual business objectives and implement the most adapted solutions to fit these requirements.

Some of Company Real Facts

The 80/20 rule:

SNITS Pvt.Ltd appreciates new innovations, just as much as it appreciates the individual growth of employees who are responsible for it. To keep the brain gears of these employees moving, SNITS instructs its employees to take 20 percent of their working hours, to work on a personal project – anything that they are passionate about.

Customizable Work Stations:

Say good-bye to boring cubicles! Google believes in having open spaces in their offices, where everyone is accessible for everyone.

They make ‘Wall Posts’ too!

You got it, or did you? We don’t mean the Facebook ‘timelines’ here, but real actual walls for employees to write, scribble, doodle on. Do anything you want! The company feels that they boost creativity and encourages dialogue, a way to keep the workplace youthful, motivated and energized for a hard day’s work. There is also a group of professional artists who are on the staff to keep things fresh and lively on the walls. Now there’s a likable post!

Our Awesome Team

Leadership is not for the faint of heart, but it has paid huge dividends for me and the team I've built.

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Mr. Sushant Mohite

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Mrs. Vaishali Mohite

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Mr. Shailesh Kharat

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Mr. Chirag Rokde

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Mr. Navnath Kamble

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Mr. Amitkumar Kokate

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Mr. Akshay Dalvi

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Mr. Akshay Malape

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Mr. Sohail Mulani

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Mr. Onkar Mali

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Mr. Rohit Ohol

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Mr. Sagar Chougule

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Ms. Sheetal Pawar

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